Boiler Fuel soalr
Boiler Fuel soalr
Boiler Fuel soalr
Boiler Fuel soalr
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19 Apr 2020
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Fire tube boiler boil advantages

1. Horizontal design boiler structure 3 Phass Fire tube so that the boiler is very high efficient so it saves fuel for production costs

2. The design of the boiler combustion chamber is low, which increases the level of water safety in the boiler. The possibility of accidents due to lack of water is reduced to a minimum.

3. The combustion chamber is designed with a large volume. Fuel combustion is more adequate. And combustion efficiency is improved.

4. The relationship between the smoke tube and the tube plate adopts an expansion, welding and expansion process to eliminate the gap between the pipe and the residual welding stress. Heat transfer is avoided effectively and high thermal efficiency. At the same time, the heating area increases.

Use of a high heat transfer coefficient from the smoke tube, to increase the effect of convective heat transfer, reduce the exhaust temperature, increase the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

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