distributor fire tube boiler
distributor fire tube boiler
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11 Apr 2020
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Specification of

Steam Boiler

Boiler Aircraft Types

The type of boiler can be distinguished from various kinds of things such as characteristics, work methods, type of pipe and fuel used. Each type of boiler has its advantages and disadvantages, as we have described below:

Tube Type Based Boilers (Pipes):

1. Fire Tube Boiler

In this boiler has two parts inside, namely the part of the tube which is the place where the combustion takes place and the barrel / barrel containing fluid. This type of fire pipe boiler has the characteristics of producing a low amount of steam and limited capacity.

The principle of action: The ignition process occurs in the pipe and the heat generated is delivered directly into the boiler which contains water.

Pros: The installation process is quite easy and does not require special settings, does not require large areas and has a low cost.

Disadvantages: Having a burning place that is difficult to reach when you want to be cleaned, low steam capacity and less efficient because a lot of heat is wasted.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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