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Boiler Furnace
Boiler Furnace
Boiler Furnace
Boiler Furnace
Boiler Furnace
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Boiler Furnace

Today many users using solid fuel boilers (solid fuel)
as an option for the fuel consumption, for example, palm shell tool machine tool. Wood, sawdust, coconut fiber, coal, bagasse etc. The use of fuel is determined based on several considerations, including:

Availability of fuel
The ease of getting fuel into the user does not trouble the production process will be hampered and cause a lot of harm.

Utilization of waste into fuel
Most factories use agricultural processing waste into fuel production, it makes the process of waste management turnover be effective and efficient.

Calorific value of fuel
Calorific value of each fuel is different. However, to achieve the required calories can try to design a furnace chamber volume, the intensity of supplying fuel is added.

The economic value of fuel
If you look at the potential availability of fuel in the environment around abundant, meaning can be purchased at low cost and transportation costs low. Moreover, if the fuel using waste production itself, it means that the cost of fuel in the can for free.

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