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Burner Heavy Oil,Jual Burner Residu,
Burner Heavy Oil,Jual Burner Residu,
Burner Heavy Oil,Jual Burner Residu,
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Specification of

Press P/N Series

The PRESS P/N series of burners covers a firing range from 800 to 5130 kW. They have been designed in three versions for use in commercial and industrial installation, to burn different oil viscosity from 7 up to 60°E @ 50°C. Operation can be “two stage progressive” or, alternatively, “modulating” with the installation of a PID logic regulator and respective probes, which guarantees a turn down ratio of 3:1. The versatility of this range makes the burner well suited for use on steam boilers where the load factor is subject to wide variations, on thermal oil boilers and on boilers for particular heating plants, as hospitals or similar. Simplified maintenance is achieved by the Riello designed slide bar system, which allows easy access to all of the essential components of the combustion head.

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3436876 (current product)


3436877 (current product)


3437776 (current product)


3437777 (current product)


3438987 (current product)


3438988 (current product)


3438989 (current product)


3438990 (current product)


3438991 (current product)


3438992 (current product)


3439385 (current product)


3439386 (current product)


3439387 (current product)


3439388 (current product)


3436874 (obsolete)


3436875 (obsolete)


3437774 (obsolete)


3437775 (obsolete)


3438981 (obsolete)


3438983 (obsolete)


3438984 (obsolete)


3438985 (obsolete)


3438986 (obsolete)


3438982 (obsolete)


Press P/G Series

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Press P/NA

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