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Pemantic fire  oil Burner
Pemantic fire  oil Burner
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Specification of Pemantic fire oil Burner

Gas Burner

Burner Lighters

Oil Burner Motors

ignition electrode, pulse igniter (oven, gas stove spark plug)
used for gas ovens, gas stoves, water heaters etc.
various types can choose

Our pulse igniters (spark plugs, ignition plugs) have achieved ISO9001: 2000, CSA and other certifications.

pulse igniter (spark plug, ignition plug) material choice:

1) Ceramic Body Insulators: 95% Alumina, steatite with shiny or no glossy coating.

2) Pin / Rod Electrodes: OCr25Al5, SUS304, Ni80Cr20, KanthalA1, etc.

3) Cables: UL1332, UL1911, UL3573, UL3071, UL3239 etc.

4) Bracket: Steel-Nickel Plated, Steel-SENG Plated, Steel-Copper Plated etc.

5) Terminals: Various fast connecting terminals available.

6) Application: used in all types of gas equipment, such as gas ovens, BBQs, water heaters and boilers etc.

Specification of Selling Lighters Burners
Gas Stove Lighters

Product Description

Creamic body insulator 95% Aluminum, Steatite with a glossy or not glossy coating
Pin electrode
OCR25AL5, SUS310, SUS304

UL1332, UL1911, UL3573, UL3257 cables
SPCC bracket, SUS304
Terminals Various fast connecting terminals are available
Advantages Long life, high temperature, corrosion resistance
Application of Gas Stoves, Water heaters, ovens Gas boilers Gas, Andiron, BBQ, ODS Industries
Selling Price of Burner Lighters

send pictures or samples to your needs, we will do our best to help you in the concept, design and manufacture of your product

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