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PT.Indira Dwi Mitra - Jual Fire Tube Boiler dan Steam Boiler
indonesia Steam Drum Boiler
indonesia Steam Drum Boiler
indonesia Steam Drum Boiler
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Specification of

Indonesian Boiler Company Brand Winsketel Boiler
Brief introduction:
PT. INDIRA DWI MITRA Boiler fabrication specialists in Indonesia fueled Natural Gas and oil are sub-projects with high efficiency (thermal efficiency up to 95%) and environmentally friendly boilers under the TKDN Program in Indonesia. Every technical indicator of a boiler section can go forward in Indonesia even ready to go world class. This is a kind of boiler rapid-assembly installation consisting of the right boiler, connecting exhaust gas, burner, steam & water system, economizer, etc.

High thermal efficiency and lower costs
A. Adopting advanced corrugated furnaces and smoke tubes adopts yarn structure to increase heat transfer area and effectiveness of heat transfer, boiler thermal efficiency.

b. gas emission holes with exhaust gas condensation recovery devices to effectively control exhaust temperature, boiler thermal efficiency;

c. Adopting international famous brand burner burners (BALTUR, WEISHAUPT, RIELLO) and continuous electric water supply to achieve high thermal efficiency.

High thermal efficiency and lower costs
High reliability, low maintenance costs
The smoke chamber of the boiler adopts a water-cooled wet-back structure with butt weld, 100% of the overall design of air jacket fire and high temperature gas flue is a package of water chambers, which is a good choice for completing the cooling and sealing of smoke chambers. This design avoids frequent maintenance of the front and rear smoke boxes, and greatly reduces boiler accidents and maintenance workloads to make the boiler run more safely and reliably.

Lower NOx Emissions
A. It adopts three pass structures, hot combustion gases pass through a small diameter three times tube, absorb as much heat as possible;

d. The design of the large capacity combustion chamber ensures that the fuel is fully burned, and the smoke spreads evenly to NOX emissions up to 35-200mg / m³, is clean and environmentally friendly.

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