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Selling Benteler Boiler Pipes in Indonesia

selling bentele boiler pipe
PT. INDIRA DWI MITRA, a steam boiler fabrication and boiler supply and thermalmoil heater quality and high pressure resistant company that is not in doubt
By having a boiler tube stock in Indonesia, now even small quantities of consumer demand can be served at competitive prices. These advantages are owned by pipes. Brand bellows for power generation industries, petrochemicals, refineries and plantations such as palm oil and sugar. Another added value, the stock pipe has been equipped with a certificate that guarantees the quality of our stock pipes and is not necessarily owned by products in other distributor companies.
As part of the Benteler Group, one of the international steel distribution and processing companies, is trusted to market the Benteler brand products and also other brands that have been recognized for quality throughout Indonesia.
There are three superior products marketed in Indonesia including carbon steel boiler tubes, carbon steel heat-exchanger tubes, and superheater tubes. these three products have differences in terms of material composition, temperature resistance and application usage. For the palm oil industry and sugar factory, these products are generally used in boilers, thermalvoil heater coils and evaporators.

Sell ​​Benteler Boiler Pipes in Indonesia
Being a new player in the palm oil industry, Marine tankers, and industries in general, does not make Pt. Indira dwi partners feel inferior to other companies in similar products.
Pt.Indira Dwi Mitra strives for the availability of a very adequate stock because it is supported by an international network of companies. Not only in Indonesia, the company also has stocks in several Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand and China. "Any request even on a small scale can be met,"
In Indonesia, PT. Indira Dwi Mitra has a stock located in Marunda, North Jakarta. The available stock is in the form of carbon steel boiler tubes which are 12.2 meters long and varied in diameter. Whereas in Singapore, there is a stock of carbon steel heat-exchanger tubes measuring 6.1 meters to 15 meters and 12.2 meters of carbon steel boiler tubes. Especially for boiler tubes, European borigin has been completed by Lloyd Certificate.
Other services provided by the company are fulfilling ex-mill delivery requests (tubes are produced in advance according to orders). Often there are new unit construction projects or routine maintenance so that it requires a large number of tubes. For such requests, with a network owned by the Benteler Group, PT Indira dwi Mitra can offer more competitive offers, either from the Benteler factory itself or other factories. If taken from another factory, it will be informed in advance and only with consumer approval. "We guarantee the authenticity of the products we send.
For PT Indira Dwi Mitra, it is not an easy job to penetrate the boiler tube market in Indonesia. The reason is, this company must compete with other products that have long been circulating in Indonesia, for example products from Japan. Nevertheless, we are optimistic that the company's products will be accepted by consumers because they are superior to the availability of stock and quality assurance according to international standards. Another strategy, PT Indira Dwi Mitra always strives to maintain good relationships and services in order to satisfy the needs of users. With the principle of "customer is the king" PT. Indira Dwi Mitra is ready to become a partner in all your tube needs.
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