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boiler kapal tanker
boiler kapal tanker
boiler kapal tanker
boiler kapal tanker
boiler kapal tanker
boiler kapal tanker
boiler kapal tanker
boiler kapal tanker
boiler kapal tanker
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10 Jun 2020
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Steam Boiler

Specification of boiler kapal tanker

Boiler Kapal

In tanker vessels to support the smooth service and voyage required auxiliary aircraft among which is auxiliary boiler which serves as a steam generator that will be used to heat the charge, pump out the load, heat up the fuel, as a temperature controller when we sailing in cold areas and in use for other purposes. so the boiler is interrupted or damaged.
It is a fact that to date there are still many ships that use steam power installations, whether it is a parent installation or for the use of auxiliary aircraft. In steam tankers the boiler is usually used as a heater, either heating fuel, heating, water heater, heating way or for other purposes so that ship operations can run smoothly.

The boiler or may also be referred to as the steam boiler is a closed vessel which can form a vapor with greater pressure from the atmosphere essence by heating the boiler water inside with the hot gases from the burning of the fuel. A boiler or boiler must be equipped with paralatan to help its performance so that the boiler operation runs safely. Boilers or boilers must have the following requirements:

1. Can produce steam with a certain weight in a certain time anyway, and the pressure is greater than one atmosphere.
2. The water content produced in hot steam must be slightly upset.
3. Steam should be in the form of jumblah fuel as possible.
4. If steam usage varies, the vapor pressure should not change much


On motor boats the use of steam is of course only in use on aircraft aids only. While on steamers, the main use of steam is to drive the master machine, while other uses are for the purpose of the auxiliary aircraft. Therefore boilers or boilers can be distinguished according to the substances that flow into the pipes, namely:

a. Kettle Pipe Fire

It is a kettle where the combustion gases flow inside the pipes while outside the water flows the kettle.

b. Water Pipe Boiler

It is a boiler in which boiler water flows in the pipes while outside there are combustion gases.

We already know that the boiler should be equipped with apps and some equipment to make the boiler run smoothly and to ensure boiler safety. According to the steam law then included in the appendance are:

a. Related to the steam room.

- Security valve

This valve has a function to prevent the pressure inside the boiler from exceeding the regulated rule of action.
- Primary and auxiliary cubs are valves used to regulate steam for charge heating, while auxiliary valves are used to regulate flow to auxiliary planes. The valve should be installed as close as possible to the boiler and the valve should be able to open and close properly and smoothly.

- Manometer

This tool is to show and know the vapor pressure of the connection that is in a kettle clearly and precisely, in the presence of this manometer the operation of the boiler will be safer.
b. Related to the water chamber.

- Boiler charging valve

The function of this valve is to adjust the amount of water that fills into the boiler and prevents the boiler water from returning to the feeding line.

§ Faucet Spui or Blow down.

It is to remove part or all of the boiler water to remove the debris that settles on the bottom of the boiler.

Glass Penduga

Is a water controller in the boiler.

Besides that there are additional tools, but not including appendance that is:
- Brain faucet
- Salt Faucets
- Line of Fire
- Plate stamp

In the modern boiler, in addition to these tools are still equipped with other tools to enhance the efficiency of the boiler, namely:

1. Advanced steam boiler or OVO
2. Air heater or LUVO
3. Initial boiler water heaters or ECO


a. Operation Preparation.

1. Make sure that the tools below have been checked before the boiler operation is performed.

2. Water Level Gauge or Water Level Guidance
The drain cock should be fully closed as well as the upper and lower cock gauges of the water level hints, making sure that the desired water level from the boiler drum can be indicated by the water level instructions. However, the water level hint indicates that the water level should not be below the safe water level during periodic water level rise and fall to the boiler water temperature rise.

3. Pressure Gauge or Pressure Point.

Make sure the Drain Cock is fully open and the needle shows a zero. The pressure instructions are placed below so it is easy to see.

4. Blow Off Valve or Blow Down Faucet.
Make sure the center faucet and blow down faucet on board are fully covered. 

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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